Bike Bicycle Ball Bearings, Bike Ball Retainer, FITTOO (2pcs packed)


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FITTOO Bike Bicycle Ball Bearings, Bike Ball Retainer, Sizes 3/16”x7, 1/4”x7, 1/4”x9, 5/32”x16, 5/32”x22, 5/16”x9, 5/16”x7 (two pieces packed)

【Essential Parts】: A good ball bearing is very essential for your biking! It makes your bike rolling smoothly! Including bottom bracket (middle axle for crank set), front wheel (front axle), rear wheel (rear axle), head parts (handle bar steering), good ball retainers are the heart of these big parts for a bike! Just spending a few dollars but making more happy riding, that is FITTOO ball bearings job!
[Many Available Sizes] FITTOO bike ball bearing has most required sizes available, which cover the common bikes. Please find each size’s diameters posted in the link, and make sure to pick a correct size for your bike repairing purpose.
【Most Convenient】: It is much more convenient to install a ball retainer, which already keep the required balls on the retainer frame, when you replace some broken balls in your bike parts. You will have no stress to keep all required loose balls without falling out or lost when you are struggling to fix a small item in your bike.
【Wide Applicable】: FITTOO ball retainers are workable for most bikes, including mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, children bike, electric bike etc.
【Advantage Package】: FITTOO ball bearing is offered for two pieces packed in each box. One single order is for two pieces at very competitive price. It will make your shopping easier and efficient, instead of piece by piece ordering. And it also saves your money compares to those 10-20pcs big packages, as you will lose those not-in- required quantities in garage. Moreover, if you buy two boxes (4pcs), you will have more discount on the price! Then you will use one pair for repairing your bike and keep one extra pair for standby spares in need.
[Picking Correct Size]: It is important to pick a correct size to order. It will save both sides time and money. Please check the size maps in our posted images, or ask some skilled mechanic to help you to choose the correct ball bearing.

Warm tips:
1. You may apply some grease before installation.
2. The sizes posted will have 0.1-0.2mm more or less tolerance.
3. Please take a few minutes to find out the old one in your bike, or ask some skilled mechanic, or contact us to help you out.


1/4*7, 1/4*9, 3/16*7, 5/16*7, 5/16*9, 5/32*16, 5/32*22

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