FITTOO Bike Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake, Bike Oil Disc Brake Set Kit 160


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FITTOO Bike Bicycle Hydraulic Disc Brake, Bike Oil Disc Brake Set Kit 160, For Mountain Bike, Electric Bike, Hybrid Bike, Road Bike etc.

【Brilliant Braking System】 FITTOO hydraulic disc brake is working by hydraulic power system, which is using the pressure of oil inside cables to push the two pistons in brake clamps. When you pull the brake levers, the lever will push the piston in the brake cylinder, then the compressed oil inside cables will push the two brake pads in the brake clamps to hold the disc rotors tightly. This is working like car brake system.


【Perfect Braking Balance】As the two brake pads will hold the disc rotor by equal power from two sides, when the two brake pistons inside clamp pushing the brake pads close to disc rotor by oil, it makes not only more braking power, but also much more balance when fast riding.

【Safer Brakes】The hydraulic braking has much more braking power, it can stop your bike more powerful and easily, even in wet condition, muddy road or down hills. The two braking pads hold the disc rotor by strong hydraulic power, and two pads grabbing the rotor from two sides equally and powerfully which gives more friction for stable and strong braking.

【Nice Brake Levers】FITTOO hydraulic brake levers are made of aluminum alloy, which contains a durable and strong the liquid cylinder. The lever, cable, and brake clamp are sealed with hydraulic liquid inside. And the braking liquid can be refilled after some time, which will keep powerful braking as always. The lever is designed for two or three fingers pulling size. You can use two fingers to pull brakes, and other fingers to hold the handle at the same time. It makes your riding safer and joyful.

【Best Money-Valued Brakes】FITTOO hydraulic disc brake kit is the best money valued brake products. You pay a normal brake price, but get a hydraulic disc brakes kit, which will upgrade your bike a lot. And it can be compatible for most mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, electric bikes, road bikes etc. which have disc brake mounted.

Warm tips: Please check and make sure that your bike already has 160 disc brakes for replacing, or, there has capacity to install the 160 disc brake rotor on hub, and disc brake clamp on frame.

1) FIT0822 + FIT0821-E: One pair brakes (left & right) + 2pcs disc rotors (160mm)
2) FIT0822: One pair brakes (left & right)


FIT0822, FIT0822+FIT0821-E


750/1350, 800/1450

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