FITTOO Bike Water Bottle with Holder, Indoor Outdoor Sports Water Bottle with Cage


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Bike Water Bottle

The FITTOO Bike Water Bottle with Holder is an essential piece of equipment for any cyclist, whether you’re riding outdoors or indoors. With its easy operating drinking-nozzle and light weight design, this bike water bottle is perfect for keeping you hydrated on long rides.

The bottle has a large volume of 750ml, which means you can carry plenty of water with you without having to stop and refill as frequently. This is especially important for long rides where access to water sources may be limited.

The bottle also comes with a cage that attaches to your bike frame, keeping the bottle securely in place and within easy reach. This frees up space in your backpack or saddlebag, making it easier to carry other items you may need on your ride.

The easy operating drinking-nozzle is a great feature of this bike water bottle. It allows you to drink water without having to stop and unscrew the cap, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming. The nozzle is also spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking out of the bottle while you ride.

The FITTOO Bike Bicycle Water Bottle with Holder is also designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry and reducing the overall weight of your bike. This is important for cyclists who are looking to improve their speed and endurance, as carrying heavy items can slow you down and make your ride more difficult.

Overall, the FITTOO Bike Bicycle Water Bottle with Holder is a great product for any cyclist looking to stay hydrated on long rides. Its large volume, easy operating drinking-nozzle, and light weight design make it an essential piece of equipment for cycling and outdoor sports.

Top Quality Bike Water Bottle with Holder

FITTOO Bike Bicycle Water Bottle with Holder, Essential Equipment for Cycling and Indoor Outdoor Sports, Easy Operating Drinking-Nozzle Bike Bottles, Light Weight Healthy Sports Water Bottle with Cage, Large Volume 750ml

ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT FOR SPORTS – Lightweight, portable,ideal water bottle for indoor and outdoor exercises. The bottle has big volume of containing 750ml water. You won’t getdehydrated when you go for a long cycling, especially in sweating hot summer. It is an essential equipment in your backpack, which you should never forget, whenyou go forrunning, jogging, rowing, hiking, climbing, swimming, footy or any sports, even a good idea for driving and travelling.

ZERO LEAKAGE: Our water bottle comes with a lock-up nozzle, which you can easily pull-out for drinking or push-in for locking. There won’t have any water leakage after locked, you don’t worry water may will be squished out in your backpack, mess up everything. It is very easy to pull out the nozzle lid when you bite it, you can get a drink without getting off your bike, or slowing down on your workout, or spilling out when driving.

SAFTY MATERIAL: It is made of high quality 100% BPA free, reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly PE material. It is allowed to keep water between -20Centigrade to +55Centigrade. This cycling water bottle is 100% BPA free, toxin free, safe, durable, convenient, environment-friendly.

LIGHTWEIGHT &DURABLE:It is a very light, but very important equipment for your cycling and sports. It can be fixed on your bike frame easily, and get a drink easily in riding. It is also important to pack one in your bag when you go hiking or sports. This water bottle is made by high quality PE material, which is very durable for long time.

PERFECT BOTTLE & HOLDING CAGE: The bottle& holder can be fixed on your bike frame down-tube or seat-tube firmly, you can grabit out by one hand to get a drink when riding, then push it back into bottle cage easily, no need to stop or get off your bike. It can be fixed on most bicycle frames with fitting holes, or simply pack into your backpack.


✅ The big-size removable cap is designed for easy cleaning the bottle inside after using for long time. Washing your bottle regularly is important to keep inside unhealthy build-up free.

✅ Wide temperature water is applied between -20Centigrade to +55Centigrade.

✅ Easy lock & open drinking nozzle for leakage free

✅ Designed to be able to fit on most bike frames

✅ 100% BPA Free and safe

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