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A city bike is made for urban environments, as they focus more on comfort and convenience rather than speed or performance. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy riding leisurely in the city. Most city bikes’ frames and main parts are built on either steel frames or aluminium frames, using strong and light materials with a variety of colours. This bike could be the ideal vehicle on highways, bike paths and enclosed trails for touring and all-day adventures.

Best City Bike in Melbourne

Compare to other bicycles, the saddle is usually wider and provided with a chain and tyre protection from oil or gravel. The stop-start nature of urban and off-road riding takes a toll on brakes, so we've chosen HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE that is tough and reliable. You can get the best deals on city bike at the Fittoobicyle city bike shop. We also promise that we offer the lowest price to our customers anytime with the best after-sale services. The product is covered by a 1-year warranty for the frame & fork, the bike will be delivered quickly and be packed well for sure.

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