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Freestyle bike is ideally used for flatland tricks, aggressive routes as well as skateparks to get vertical. It’s perfect for riding to school, the store and even to the pool. These bikes are made to be super-sturdy rather than focusing on lightweight. The frame materials, wheels and components are equally optimised for strength as well as manoeuvring them easily. Freestyle bikes come with front and rear brakes and they can also be disassembled to reduce weight for outdoor riding. It’s quite durable and simple to use which is extremely convenient for newbie riders learning their first stunt. In addition, it comes with simple gears and very easy to peddle in any type of gears. Our bikes are equipped with detachable supports (REMOVABLE SIDE STAND), which can make an unforgettable riding experience. At Fittoobicycle, we offer the lowest price to our customers. The product is covered by a 1-year warranty for the frame & fork, and we also provide you with the best after-sales service, the bike will be delivered quickly and be packed well for sure.

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