Order & Return

IMPORTANT NOTICE for purchasing:

1: FITTOO brand bikes are 85% assembled in box packing, need a few steps to build up for ready riding. You may do it by yourself if you are skilled, or call for bike mechanic service. If you are not a skilled bike mechanic, you are strongly suggested to call for a mechanic assembling service. Otherwise, due to wrong or non-properly assembling, it may cause bike components damaged. The rider may get serious injured by riding a bike non-properly assembled, or with damaged components.

2: All the components, which need to be assembled, are packed in the box, including basic assembling tools. If, in case, any parts missed or damaged when you open the box, or you are not sure how to assemble any particular components, please contact us immediately for checking or replacing. For your safety and benefits, please do not assemble the bike by force, or ride a bike with damaged parts.

3: For your safety and benefits, please watch the recommended assembling video for you bought model by the YouTube link, before you are going to build up the bike by yourself. You may find the YouTube link in our website: www.fittoobicycle.com.au, or ask the seller for the link.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for returning policy:

1. Except the originally essential and major components fault of the bike, it is NOT returnable and refundable after the bike has been purchased or used. Any returning due to essential and major fault should be raised to the seller within ONE WEEK from the purchasing date, and get the confirmation with the seller for returning. If overdue, it only can be replaced for the fault components, but cannot be returned or refunded. The bike should be in original packing, or good and clean condition when returning.

2. For any item to be returned, it will be refundable by the amount be paid for the purchasing price showing on seller’s invoice or receipt, but not including any applicable initial shipping charges, handling charges, Afterpay charges etc.

3. For any item decleared as “non-returnable” online, it will be sold as it is, not returnable under any circumstance.

4. Kindly note that any order cancellations will incur a 10% processing fee deducted from the refund, if the order has been processed.

    Return Address:

    1 Saint Andries Street, Camberwell, VIC 3124, Australia
    0435 922 224