I just ordered an item, but didn't receive a confirmation, how do I obtain confirmation information?

Our apologies, we know how frustrating it can be having to track down your information. That is why there is an automatically generated email sent to the email provided at the time of check out. At times the email may end up in the your SPAM folder. If you’re still unable to locate it please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone 0435-922-224 or email: info@fittoobicycle.com.au stating your needs.

If you entered the email incorrectly by mistake you can either change it by going into your online account, if you registered with us otherwise please use the above contact information to alert us to the issue.

I want to purchase an item online, but I am not able to complete the purchase

In some cases there might be required information that when is not provided it will prevent progressing the purchasing process. Typically, if a size, color, or other request isn’t indicated the system will not allow completion of item purchase.

What if I need something same day or urgently?

You are always welcome to pick the item up in person at our warehouse at 95, Indian Drive, Keysborough, Vic 3173, we suggest calling us to ensure the best possible service and preparation upon arrival. If you need urgent delivery, it is workable, but it will always charge you more for delivery by TNT/STARTRACK next day delivery, as normally it takes 5-7 working days for delivery reaching you by the standard charges we required. If you do need urgent delivery, please contact us by email to info@fittoobicycle.com.au to check freight charge and make confirmation.

I would like to send someone to pick up an order from the shop, what do they need to bring?

Typically, the name on the order must match the name on valid identification of the person retrieving the item along with being able to show an Associate the verification email stating item was ready for pick up. However, if someone is being sent in the place of the purchaser, the person who made the order is REQUIRED to provide the following items & information for us to confirm of releasing the item. Purchaser must provide: 1. A picture of the purchaser’s ID and credit card (if used to make purchase) 2. The name of the person who is to act as their representative (this person must also produce identification and verification email) 3. [for Copy & Paste] I give permission FITTOO bicycle to release items which I’ve purchased online to (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE). I understand that I am responsible for making this decisions and am acting of my own account.

Help! I ordered the wrong product!

If you order the wrong item we will be happy to assist you, give us a call or email as soon as possible, so we can cancel the order or change to the correct one you need

I requested a refund, more than 7 days ago, but I still don't see it in my bank

Refunds are processed as soon as the customer requests one. It can take up to 12 business days for the funds to be returned depending on the form of payment chosen to use, the time of request (ie: holidays usually cause postponement), your bank’s policies, and the amount being refunded. There is a nonrefundable 10% refund fee for any and all refunds issued via online platforms

What's a 10% of refund fee?

The 10% refund fee goes to processing card fees, bank fees, and retail fees that are typically covered by the shop when a purchase is made. However, when a refund is requested, there is another round of fees assessed thereby doubling the costs.

I haven't received my item and it's been over 3 weeks since I ordered it

Please use the tracking number provided to locate the item, once it leaves our possession we are no longer responsible for replacing, resending, locating, or reimbursing said items. Your best bet is to contact the delivery company and it’s always a good idea to purchase delivery insurance

Do you have assembling service and repairing service?

We do not offer assembling service or repairing service, which is for saving costs for these customers who are very skilled and can build up a bike or replace some parts easily. But we do recommend these customers who are not skilled to call a mechanic assembling service. We can recommend you a very skilled mechanic who will offer you nice service. The mechanic is very reliable who has long-term cooperation with us.