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Are you looking for kids bicycles for sale? Have a look at our excellent entry-level kids bike. Most kids love bike riding with their peers or family, they could not be any happier. There are no specific rules for buying a specific kids bicycle for your child. It’s important to get your little ones hooked into enjoying their freedom, confidence and everlasting memories, not to mention it’s good for their health too. Besides, it could strengthen the kids’ motor skills and muscle growth.

Quality Kids Bicycle in Melbourne

FITTOO’s kids bicycle with training wheels, safer brake system, lightweight magnesium frame is unique with safe design. The frame is constructed using a single hollow magnesium cast, and the durable alloy pedals are specifically designed with the shoulder width of the riders. The brakes in our bicycle products include Hydraulic Disc Brake which provides a high braking performance, that ensures all bikes remain in the best condition possible. Therefore, it’s very important to pick the right one at the end.

Our kidsbike is equipped with free bells, safety reflectors, and basic assembly tools. And our Kids bicycles are covered by a 1-year warranty for the frame & fork, and we also provide you with the best after-sales service, the bike will be delivered quickly and be packed well for sure.

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