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Folding bikes are the perfect bike for commuters. It’s designed to fold into a compact form, which you can bring to everywhere you want and even to your office. It’s quite convenient to transport them on public transportation systems. As you can carry it around without worrying if it’s being stolen. Fittoobicycle offers the best folding bike in Australia. Most folding bikes are made of aluminium, chromoly steel and titanium. When folding these bikes, they are quite easy to learn and quick to do so. After all, it takes 30 seconds or less for you to fold them. Besides that, folding bikes are created to transform a bicycle into a modest scale. The lightweight nature of a folding motorcycle makes it easy to keep when not in use. Think about it, you can fold it up and put it in your closet or under your desk to save up some spaces. At Fittoobicycle, we offer the lowest price to our customers. The transmissions of our bikes are made by Japanese brand SHIMANO and the brake is HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKE. There must be one that you like! We also provide our customers with the best after-sale services, one year warranty for the frame and fork of the folding bike.

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