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How to choose bike tubes?

Firstly you should know what kind of valve on your bike tube. There are some options which include the Dunlop valve used in American, French and most European countries. The bike also has different lengths for different rim depths. For example, deeper aerodynamic road wheels often require longer valve so that they can fit through the entire rim and be able to inflate the bike tube. Fittoo Bicycle keeps your bike in top condition with our assortment of bike tube. We offer exceptional bike tube as well as bicycles in Melbourne. We provide high-quality Mountain Bike Tire & Bike Tube online in Australia.
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Bike Tube FITTOO Bike Tube Replacement is Bicycle Tube with Presta valve or Schrader Valve - Made from PAHs 15 Free Premium Quality Butyl Rubber, 16 Sizes Options (Black). Where the rubber meets t...
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Tire and tube size: 26*1.95 For all terrain using purpose One CST brand clincher tire plus one butyl tube (Schrader valve 48mm)