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SKU: FIT2408

FITTOO Bike Bottom Bracket,BB Axle,Square Tapered Crank Axle

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Bottom Bracket Axle

The Bottom Bracket Axle from FITTOO Bicycle is a bicycle component that connects the crank arms to the bike's frame. It features a square taper design, which means that the end of the axle has a square shape that fits snugly into the square hole in the crank arms. The axle is designed to fit a standard 68mm wide bottom bracket shell and has a spindle length of 127.5mm, which is the distance between the two ends of the square taper.

The Bottom Bracket Axle is designed to be compatible with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) taper, which is a common type of square taper used in many bicycles. Additionally, the Bottom Bracket Axle features two waterproof screws, which help to keep water and dirt out of the bottom bracket and prolong the life of the component. Overall, the FITTOO Bike Bottom Bracket Axle is a reliable and durable choice for cyclists looking to upgrade or replace their bottom bracket axle.


【High-quality Material】 Our bottom bracket is strong and long-lasting, thanks to its stainless steel shell. Fine craftsmanship, precise measurements, and consistent quality.
【Excellent Performance】 Fully-integrated cartridge system protects the bearings , increases power output, and improves riding response, making it a great choice for your bike.
【Easy to Use】 Installation is simple and straightforward, reducing the amount of hassle you have to deal with.
【Sealed Bearing Design】 Sealed cartridge bearing assembly, which can aid to avoid erosion from water, dirt, and mud sediment.
【Compatibility】 Suitable for 68mm bottom bracket shells. Square tapered crank axles fit a wide range of modern mountain bike crank arms.
【What You Get】 You'll get a terrific deal on an excellent bicycle bottom bracket! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about our products.


Suitable: for 68mm Frame BB Shell

Weight: 330grams

Size: 68 * 127.5mm

Cups thread size and pitch: 34.798mm (1.375*24TPI)

Structure: 2 Sealed Bearings

Package List:

1 * Square-tapered crank axle bottom bracket

2 * Screws

Why Choose Our Bike Bottom Bracket?

Because the FITTOO Bike Bottom Bracket is composed of stainless steel, it will last longer. Designed with an integrated sleeve and two bearings on the interior to ensure a stable ride. Precision thread dust-proof design will aid in preventing rapid degradation.


  1. Please use the correct bottom bracket (BB) tool to install and replace the bottom bracket, to make sure the left and right cups have been properly tightened.
  2. When you replace the BB, it is good practice to clean the frame shell threads with clean rag , then generously grease them or apply light thread lock to avoid friction noise and premature wear and tear.
  3. Please purchase according to the original length, the axle length tolerance is applicable within 2mm.